You want an attorney who is committed. Committed to you and your defense. That very commitment is what makes Renee Hessling different. You can depend on her to give you everything she’s got. Not her team. Not her assistant or law clerk. When you hire Renee Hessling, that’s who you get. If you have questions, she’ll answer them directly. If you’re looking for a responsive attorney who‘ll be there for you –she’ll be beside you every step of the way.

Renee Hessling is a born fighter. A lifelong Santa Clara County resident and graduate of the prestigious USF School of Law, Hessling knows California law and brings a passionate enthusiasm to each of her cases. A tireless advocate for her clients, she is determined and focused on treating each client as if they were family. It’s a different approach you won’t find in larger firms.

She’s got your back. Hessling always wanted to be a criminal defense attorney and she never compromised her goal, just as she never compromises on her client’s defense. This one-time President of the Appellate Advocacy Team at USF School of Law developed a reputation among her peers as a doggedly-focused competitor, leading her teams to victories all across the country. Hessling will fight for you with the same tenacity.

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